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As a TechZulla team we are passionate about technology, esp open-source, and we are strong advocate of open-source. In recent search for right solution to develop mobile apps, we got introduced to one of the hidden gems of open-source space. We are talking about Wakanda, which is an open-source web / mobile app development environment started by 4D Inc.We quickly evaluated it against popular open-source mobile web apps frameworks like Sencha Touch and Mobillo. For sure Sencha Touch, Mobello and jQuery Mobile are great frameworks, but they need significant learning curve as they have their own object model and way of structuring an app (MVC or so). Wakanda look great tool to us in terms of potential to grow as matured open-source project. We wont say its a right tool to develop mobile  or web app as of now, but its near to it. Its growing fast in maturity and lot of open-source enthusiasts are looking forward to have something great in next one year or so.



Here are some key features of Wakanda as of now (version 5):


  • Complete solution to build client and server logic, need not to depend on any third party technology – Wakanda take care of all required things like client frontend development, server business logic implementation, NoSQL database, web server, and client-server data exchange etc.
  • Everything is in JS – Yes you need not to learn any other language or technology. You just need to work in JavaScript, even on server side.
  • Drag and drop designing of client front end using native widgets of Wakanda, which can be customeized in terms of look and feel.
  • You can even write your own widgets or even get third party widgets (Sencha Touch, KodoUi etc) integrated in Wakanda Studio to create client frontend.

In short wakanda is good tool to develop:


  • Enterprise data driven applications
  • Mobile web apps
  • Mobile hybrid apps (Wakanda + Phonegap)

It might not be that good to develop normal public websites as the frontend code created by Wakanda might not be SEO optimized, which is important factor if you are developing websites for public use on internet. Well from SEO point of view, even other popular JS frameworks like Sencha or KendoUI are also not suitable. As a technology company, we hope to see Wakanda grow in that direction too, if possible.

We did small demo of wakanda where we highlighted some of the key features of it along with developming small mobile web app with it. View our screencast recrding below to know more. If you like it, feel free to link to this screencast and spread word about Wakanda.

Let us know if you have any feedback on this screencast.

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